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By Fraggle
I've recently acquired the rulebook and some minis for Spectre Operations. There's a couple of battle reports on youtube, such as this one: 
that give a good look at how the game plays. Simply, it's modern-day skirmish combat, and can range from Special Forces raiding a terrorist compound, to two gangs fighting on a street, to a bank robbery in progress being taken on by a SWAT team. The rules are open enough that any modern-day armed conflict can be set up, along with vehicles too. Forces are selected from a basic list, and range in skill much like Bolt Action; from Civilian/Untrained, to Militia, Trained, Professional, and Elite. Obviously, taking a lower level of training means you get more bodies and more weapons.

At present, I have the Task Force Operators; I have only 8 models and that's already more than enough for a full force, so it's quite cheap to get into - I've only spent £25 on that force.

I've yet to play a game myself, but due to the small scale, it should be very easy to set up a basic scenario with a few stand ins for a second force. 
I have a PDF of the ruleset that I can provide on request.