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Name: Will Gibson
Nationality: English
Languages: English

Will Gibson was born to working class parents in northern England. His mother died when he was 10 years old and his father, determined to ensure Will recieved a good education, turned to a life of crime to make ends meet. Will left school at 13, as expected, but by that time his father was completely wrapped up in the criminal lifestyle. Feeling indebted to his father, Will joined him as they traveled up and down England, scamming people out of their money and stealing whatever they needed to survive.

After years on the road, their past finally caught up with them and Will's father was arrested. Will escaped and his father took the blame for all of their crimes, hoping his son would take this as a sign he should live a normal life but it was not to be. Will soon caught the eye of a group of bandits with his talent as a grifter, and he joined them on many heists and robberies, picking up some new skills along the way. After a heist went terribly wrong, the bandits were hunted down and killed but again, Will managed to escape. Will later discovered that his father was murdered in prison, realising there's nothing left for him in England and on Earth, he leaves for Malifaux to seek his fortune away from his troubled past.

Station - Outlaw

Physical Aspects
Might -1
Grace +2
Speed +1
Resilience 0

Mental Aspects
Charm 0
Cunning +1
Intellect 0
Tenacity -1

Derived Aspects
Defence 4
Willpower 2
Initiative 2
Wounds 5
Walk 5
Charge 5
Height 2
Characteristics - Fated, Living.


Lockpicking (Grace) 2
Notice (Cunning) 1
Track (Cunning) 1

Ranged Combat
Pistol (Grace) 2

Social Skills
Deceive (Cunning) 1
Scrutiny (Cunning) 2

Training Skills
Acrobatics (Grace) 2
Athletics (Might) 2
Evade (Speed) 2
Pick Pocket (Speed) 1
Stealth (Cunning) 2
Toughness (Resilience) 1

Gunfighter (0) - Quick Draw

Unequalled Accuracy (Pistol)

Weshorn & Smitte #3
30 Bullets

Twist Deck
Defining Suit - Rams
Ascendant Suit - Masks
Centre Suit - Tomes
Descendant Suit - Crows

  1. As you walk backwards through the knife
  2. you will return with the balm for all ills
  3. but you are safe beneath the ice. 
  4. The halo slips around your throat like a noose 
  5. and the penny paid is thrice earned.


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